Sayeban Tejarat Azad Co.

Supply Industrial Equipments

Sayeban Tejarat Azad Co. originally was established in 1994. The name “Miyan Rahan” comes from a village in Kermanshah Province in west of Iran. It also means midway which connects the east and west since it is located in the middle of Silk Road route. At the beginning the group was formed to participate in mega residential construction projects during the 1990s then later on the group diversified its products and service in other fields and expertise. Now with a track record of over 25 years of effective experience in the domestic and international markets, it has provided a full suite of first class services in a variety of areas. These services include trade and procurement of industrial equipment, Oil & gas and petrochemical products and services, machinery and production line, animal feed, healthcare and medical equipments and services, pulp and paper, food industry, fuel, and bitumen for our customers based on their customized inquiry.

Sayeban Tejarat Azad Co. Industrial Equipments Supplier